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Client: NZHL

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A fresh new look

Publica previously worked with the NZHL team to create a TV advertising campaign, so we were delighted to be working with the again in the re-development of the NZHL website.


Having recently gone through a re-brand, NZHL were keen to bring their website up-to-date so it was a true reflection of where the company is now. NZHL have over 80 branches across the North and South Island and have built a very strong reputation for being the consultants to trust when setting up home loans and taking out insurance.

A national company with local representation needs a website that is straight talking, helps users find what they are looking for and doesn't confuse with unnecessary information.

NZHL had done their research and were clear on what they wanted. We were happy to work with them to achieve the vision.


A major priority for the company was to clarify what they were and the services they offered, and part of this was moving them away from a potential misconception that they work in banking. We designed a look and feel that represented their professionalism and expertise, yet at the same time epitomised their consultants' approachability and friendliness. Supported by targeted wording, the overall look and feel of the site gives an accurate insight into the values and services of NZHL.


NZHL had recently re-branded and were clear on how they wanted the site to look. Our role was to transfer their aims into a coherent web design that achieved the look and feel they envisioned. Our designers put together a colour palette, selected imagery and styled page layouts that were developed further through client input. The final result combined their vision with our know-how to produce an appealing and professional website.


The marketing team for NZHL were keen to be involved in the development and we were happy to work with them. Open communication and the exchange of ideas throughout the development stages ensured the client could input throughout the process, resulting in a finished product that could be seamlessly passed over to the client on completion.


NZHL has a strong management team, skilled in digital marketing so we worked with them to develop a CMS that would give them a high level of independence to develop the new site after it was launched, without compromising the style and design. Our designers and developers worked together to create flexible page templates that enable the client to literally build a page from nothing, by using a menu of designed elements positioned in as many combinations possible. Whilst these pages are entirely built by the client to suit their marketing goals, they still look and function like fully designed pages on the site, giving consistency for users.


With a large and bespoke site like, partnering with the client is of the highest importance. Our project managers built strong relationships with the NZHL team so our designers and developers were clear on the vision for the site and the client was empowered to make changes as the site developed. Regular feedback was sought and revisions were sent back as quickly as possible to keep momentum and ensure deadlines were met.


Over this project, Publica has worked closely with NZHL, learning their values and vision for their company. From this place of understanding, we are in a unique position to collaborate and offer our skills to help this ambitious company reach new and higher goals in the future.

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