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Client: Koha Fitness

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There was a lot of synergy between Publica and Koha Fitness right from the start. Much like a personal trainer helps a client to reach their fitness goals, we have been able to use our knowledge and experience to support and guide the Koha Fitness team as they work towards launching their new gym in Christchurch’s CBD.

The Brief

The gym has been thoughtfully designed for its purpose, which is to provide a centre for health and wellbeing to busy and focused clients living and working in the city centre. It is nothing like huge franchise gyms that often feel unwelcoming and soulless. Instead, their culture is welcoming with a whole life approach to fitness. Consultants support gym members throughout their fitness journey, introducing them to a community of like-minded people. The gym boasts specialised equipment, a multi-purpose room, a wide range of classes right through the day; all giving members exercise on demand and relevant to their needs.

Brand Mark and Imagery

As we now live in a time when exercise and fitness is seen as something for all ages, the target market for gyms is broad and isn't restricted to any one "type." However, with its location on Hereford Street it is expected that the majority of Koha's clients will be people who work in the area.

The brand thinking was based around the Maori weave pattern and that Koha Fitness is an offering of a life solution for wellbeing. The created pattern was integrated into the brand type to form a bold and distinctive styling using a bright red to accent a black, white and grey colour palette. The client wanted images to represent real people working out, not airbrushed models that look like they’ve never broken into a sweat in their lives. Our photographer took the brief and provided the client with a selection of in-action shots of people of all ages, shapes and sizes to represent the Koha community.

Print Design and Delivery

The brand and images have been used in the printed marketing material, from business cards to full-size window signs announcing the opening of the gym. Our account managers co-ordinated all design and print, as well as installation, where needed.

Website Design and Development.

Our designers created a unique look for the Koha website, providing the client with page concepts from home page to contact. Using our fresh new imagery and copy we were able to get the website into development in good time. Our designer worked with the developer to ensure the look and feel didn’t lose anything to function.

The Koha website is friendly and to the point, showing visitors everything they need to know whilst providing opportunities for people to enquire about membership, join up and book classes on every page. We all know that there can’t be any barriers to signing up for maximum user conversion and the key to this is a site that is simple and clear, with no unnecessary distractions.

App branding

An exciting element of the Koha experience is their app, exclusively available to members. Using the app on your phone you can track workouts on machines, create your own fitness profile and receive exercise plans to take you to the next level.

Support & Guidance

We can’t promise clients a six pack when they work with us, but we can offer our expertise, invite you into our friendly and approachable studio, motivate you to get the most out of your business, introduce you to innovative ways to get results and give you all the tools you need to reach your goals.

If you need help with a marketing plan for your business, why not come in for a coffee and a chat today? We’ll leave the fitness plan to Koha.

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