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Client: Gold Band Taxis

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They're going places with a new brand


Two things are vitally important for a taxi firm; firstly they need to be recognisable and secondly, they have to be easy to reach. These were our priorities when we began working with Christchurch taxi firm, Gold Band Taxis.

We created a new brand message for Gold Band - ‘We’re going places’. We felt it was strong, clear and exactly what you want to hear from the people you are asking to take you places! This message is featured throughout the company’s collateral to remind people of who Gold Band are. Graphically within the brand we incorporated a gold compass point that animates the logo and reiterates what Gold Band does, they will take you to where you want to go, confidently and efficiently.

What We Did

We carried this messaging across all their marketing collateral, uniforms, vehicle branding and their new website, which Publica developed as part of their online rebrand.

A key part of our work was the creation of over 50 illustrated icons introduced to their advertising and communications to bring style, fun and a personal touch. This suite of icons gave the company a unique opportunity to involve all of their 165 drivers in the rebrand process, with each being invited to select their own combination of destination icons to feature on their vehicle wrap.

In order to fulfill the second criteria we developed a bespoke app that integrates with their website and increases access to their services for both iOS and Android users. Now, armed with the app, customers can order taxis, track their taxi once it’s been dispatched (no more wondering if they’re on their way), give feedback on service and record their journey history.

For those who like someone to know where they are when travelling alone this app can share your journey with a loved one. Great news for parents of teenagers who would rather not be the taxi driver for their children, but still want to know exactly where they are.

The app will be enabled to take payments and even provide customers with a fare estimator at the time of booking their journey. Getting a ride has never been so easy.

The Outcome

This has been a fantastic project to work on with Gold Band Taxis who are committed to providing the best taxi services in the city. Since the rebrand they have been busier than ever and we love looking for the destination icons on the cars to see which places are their favourite.

If you would like to explore how an app could help your business go places, get in touch.

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