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Client: Flemington

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Like any good relationship our partnership with Flemington has been built on trust and understanding from both sides.

Our Partnership

Like any good relationship our partnership with Flemington has been built on trust and understanding from both sides. Right from the outset we learnt Flemington’s aims and objectives, in order that we could direct our skills and energy into the best marketing strategy for the company. We continue to stay engaged in their business, researching and gaining knowledge, to deliver creative work that is effective.

The Brief

After the Christchurch earthquakes, sales of Flemington home sites were relatively buoyant as there were a large number of house buyers looking for out-of-town homes. Latterly the market changed to local Lincoln residents showing interest in modern and well-facilitated properties, close to the community they have grown to love. Today the audience for Flemington homes has a much wider reach, including young professionals working in the city, families attracted by good schools and community facilities as well as the older generations who value the space and connection to the countryside.
These changes require a planned and yet agile marketing strategy that can adapt to developments in the housing market. Ultimately, Flemington are in the business of selling homes and this requires coherent and intelligent communications across all platforms.

Brand and Messaging

Even though they had established campaigns through radio and print, and have a proven track record of providing high quality homes the subdivision owners weren’t seeing the response from potential buyers as they would have liked.

Having worked with multiple marketing companies, Flemington had several identities that were distracting communications. Having lots of activity doesn’t necessarily get results, instead a well thought out strategy with clear objectives and relevant marketing activity is how you will find success.

First we strengthened the branding, because we know when people are making the biggest investment of their lives, they need to believe they are in safe, dependable hands. Strong branding, coherent messaging and consistent values will gain the trust of your customers.

Co-ordinated Campaigns

Historically, Flemington had a strong presence on the radio and this was successful in reaching a section of their market. Continuing to support this activity we added Facebook advertising campaigns to reach a new audience.

First we ran the ‘Land of possibilities’ campaign, showcasing the scope and size of opportunities offered by the subdivision. As new sites were released and the audience changed, we introduced the ‘It’s all on your doorstep’ messaging to highlight the leisure and community services planned for the area.

Advertising is partnered with dedicated landing pages and the website is continually updated to show available sites and new additions to the subdivision.


Targeted competitions are an excellent marketing tool for prompting action from your audience. With the obvious connection to the Melbourne Cup (held at the Flemington racecourse), new buyers of Flemington home sites were automatically put into a prize draw to win tickets to this year’s event. 35 sites were sold during the month leading up to the Melbourne Cup, a great result for our clients and not bad odds for the new homeowners!

Future Thinking

Over the last three years, Publica has worked closely with the team at Flemington to position them to sell six stages of their development. Our knowledge of their business has grown and refined. As we look into 2018, we are full of energy and ideas to build on our momentum.

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Client: Flemington


Case Studies

Like any good relationship our partnership with Flemington has been built on trust and understanding from both sides....