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Client: DETA Consulting

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DETA CONSULTING a superhero brand


At Publica we don’t just design brands we give them life. Aspects like brand personality and tone of voice are as important to us as the development of our client’s visual identity.

Have you ever considered what the personality of your brand is? We always work with our client to uncover what they consider to be their brand personality. Is their brand formal or funny? Large scale or boutique? Reserved or outspoken? Elite or popular? Young or mature?

The idea of a brand personality applies to companies big and small, and especially those with a web presence.

When it came to DETA Consulting, we knew that extracting their young and dynamic personality was going to be key to the development of their branding, which would carry over to their new website.


DETA is an organisation that works with some of New Zealand’s largest businesses to identify, develop and deliver optimisation services. Essentially, they provide professional services to improve business processes, drive enhanced performance and deliver lasting business value.

After working with the team in the early stages of website development, we realised that they were “superheroes” of their industry. Inspired by this observation, we developed a creative that hung on the premise of “the power of calculations” and created a DETA superhero.


When designing and building DETA’s website, we developed creative theming and messaging for the whole site. The web design has a personality that shows the impact that DETA has with their clients, and represents something that is traditionally hard to depict visually.

Your brand should be the mirror to your personality, so does your brand reflect your company personality? Do your staff and your customers know your company personality? With that personality would you get invited to the party?

If your brand needs to take a personality test, give us a call!

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