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Coming Soon: Christchurch Stands Tall

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christchurch stands tall


With our work for WORD Christchurch’s Writers & Readers Festival 2014 out on local streets, the team at Publica is now gearing up for the next local event: Christchurch Stands Tall.

Christchurch Stands Tall by Wild in Art is not an event to be missed this summer. Throughout the Christchurch cityscape, locals and travellers passing through will enjoy a sculptural showcase of beautifully painted 2.5m giraffes on concrete plinths. The connotations of the event are fantastic, as the giraffes reflect the quirks of the city as well as the triumph of Christchurch’s community ethos.With the rebuild underway, the event sends a great message on how Christchurch is rising again.

Following the public showcase the giraffes will be auctioned, with proceeds going towards charities including Child Cancer, Life Education Trust, Gap Filler and Life in Vacant Spaces.We are stoked to see the event is already gaining attention from local newspapers such as The Star. As creative sponsors Publica will be working on a range of multi-media promotional and branding material.

Watch this space to see what we come up with!



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