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Case Study: Ballantynes Digital Strategy

Case Studies


Ballantynes Presentation Images Digital

A digital strategy, which soared above the benchmark.


The Brief

To develop a digital marketing strategy and creative solution, promoting the new website for Christchurch’s most coveted department store, Ballantynes.


What We Did

When charged with this brief our recommended approaches involved the development of a versatile and bold marketing campaign to ensure clarity of messaging, a social media strategy audit for both Ballantynes and the Contemporary Lounge presences, and a content marketing strategy.

The brand strategy team developed a campaign concept around the simple statement, “Ballantynes is… Online” – a message to be carried throughout digital marketing and other promotional material. We launched this campaign with a display advertisement on The Press landing page of

Meanwhile, our bespoke social media audit provided commentary on the current use of Facebook and Instagram, target market research and an analysis conversion opportunities. We also provided in depth recommendations on best practice, new channels to explore and an ongoing consultation plan. On the other hand, the content marketing strategy provided insight on how Ballantynes could use their online real estate as a vehicle for brand culture, identity and awareness.


The Outcome

Since the implementation of the social media marketing recommendations, Ballantynes has experienced a significant increase in engagement in the form of ‘liking’ and commenting activities. The audit was well received by the management team and was credited for its easy-to-understand format as well as its attention to detail.

The display advertisement we ran on The Press page performed significantly above the industry benchmark (0.15%), with a click thru rate of 0.22%.


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