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Casa Construction: Our Expertise, Your Home

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When we partner with a company, we believe it’s our job to find out their ‘lovemark’.  We get to know them, understand what they do, who they do it for, why they do it, what are their values and what sets them apart from all the others.  From that place of understanding we can create a brand that best represents them.

Our business is to make sure everybody knows about our client’s business.  We give them a voice.  We shine a light on them.

Casa Construction has been working in Christchurch for eight years.  Over that time, and through hard work and building strong relationships with their clients they have gained a reputation for high quality, well planned and successfully delivered builds that people can rely on.

In their own words they are, “the building company that’s big enough to do the job, but small enough to care.”  A rare find in a city that has in recent years seen small building companies struggle under the pressure of growing too fast and large companies forgetting the personal nature of the opportunities our flattened city represents.


For Casa we didn’t need to change perception or overhaul their look.  It was much more intuitive than that.  Steadily the company had developed their expertise and capacity to be at a place where they were ready for their profile to reach further.


We took their brand and lifted it.  All marketing collateral was redesigned and printed to high specifications, reflecting the professionalism of the Casa brand.  The website was given a full renovation and works beautifully as their online portfolio, showcasing all their work whether it be a new build, rebuild or renovation, both in residential and commercial.

Casa have already positioned themselves as a construction company not only strong in skills and knowledge but also in communication and reliability, which are vital in the current fast-paced construction sector.  As a multi-skilled design agency we are uniquely able to deliver a brand across all mediums and ensure there are no gaps or missed opportunities in reaching their future customers.

If you would like to bring your work into the spotlight, talk to us now.

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