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A New Creative Director


From The Studio


Our Co-Founder Mark Spurgeon is one of the reasons we’re the kick-ass collection of Publica people that we are today. He’s been here from the start and has been at the helm of our Creative team for the past decade....

Client: Mike Pero


Case Studies

THE BRIEF The Mike Pero Real Estate (MPRE) team needed a comprehensive digital platform that would work for each and every user group. At MPRE, this not only means the end-user but also their extensive network of 180+ nationwide, franchisee...

Client: Flemington


Case Studies

Like any good relationship our partnership with Flemington has been built on trust and understanding from both sides....

Client: Koha Fitness


Case Studies

There was a lot of synergy between Publica and Koha Fitness right from the start. Much like a personal trainer helps a client to reach their fitness goals, we have been able to use our knowledge and experience to support...

Client: SBL


Case Studies

When we first met with the Directors of SBL International, we were impressed with their passion and knowledge of the business they have been excelling in since 2003....

Client: Trade Aid


Case Studies

Trade Aid is a social enterprise that promotes and educates the public about trade justice and also works with over 65 different trading partners from all over the world to sell a wide range of fair trade products. The organisation...

ANZCO Build-a-Burger


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Build-a-Burger Campaign...


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