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Best and Worst of Google Maps

From The Studio



If there is one way to see how technology has rapidly advanced over the years, it’s through maps. We’ve gone from believing the world is flat, to taking a casual walk around the backstreets of Madrid on our tea breaks. By virtue of Google Street view, now we can explore, discover and virtually travel as Google’s cars continue to trace the earth, equipped with 360-degree cameras. However, not only do these cameras manage to capture the triumphs of the world, but also the odd disaster. Canadian artist Jon Rafman archives these moments in his blog 9 Eyes, which has recently captured our attention. His body of work is a blend of awkward, amazing and disturbing – the best and worst of Google Maps. Here is a selection of our favourites.

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Jon Rafman Tiger

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman Fire

Jon Rafman Monkeys

Jon Rafman Gucci Baby

Jon Rafman Car

Image Source: Jon Rafman – 9 Eyes

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