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ANZCO Build-a-Burger

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Building a Burger online

Build-a-Burger Campaign


As part of the rebrand of the Angel Bay range produced by ANZCO Foods, Publica was asked to develop a marketing campaign that would prepare the way for a launch of the newly branded products in Autumn 2017. The goals of the campaign were to build up a following of the Angel Bay product range on social media, specifically collecting likes on the Angel Bay Facebook page. Added to this, the client wanted to build a database of target contacts that would be key to the success of the brand launch in 2017.


As the goals for this campaign were centred round social media we wanted to come up with something engaging, that invited people to participate in something fun and that they were likely to share and promote to others. Our online Build-A-Burger game was based on a simple question, ‘what ingredients would you choose to make your perfect burger?’. Using a highly relatable subject, we could draw people in and give them an opportunity to interact with an Angel Bay product, the well-loved burger.


This campaign was about introducing the brand to a new audience or asking people who were already familiar with the products to engage with ANZCO at a deeper level than simply buying their products. This meant messaging had to be clear and instructional so the call to action was immediately understood and easy to follow.


In order to incentivise a new audience to engage with ANZCO and to provide a context for people to Like the Facebook page as well as give contact details, Build-A-Burger became part of an online competition. By following through on just three steps; build your burger, Like/Share and enter the competition, people were given the chance to win a relevant and seasonal prize – a new BBQ. Thus connecting back to the message of the campaign – choose Angel Bay burgers.


The Build-A-Burger game sits on a dedicated promotional site to give users the best experience as they decide what to load into their perfect burger. Using parallax scrolling, users can select from a sliding menu of ingredients and add them to their burger, which will expand and contract to demonstrate the results. Once finished playing the user is invited to share the game on social media as well as enter the competition to win a BBQ: both actions helping to meet the goals of the campaign.

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