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An Ode To Our New Website Design

From The Studio


ode to our website

It was a Friday. The directors, the creative and the new girl on the block – the content marketer – sat around the boardroom table for a meeting, each participant equipped with a flat white, some containing more sugar than others. Printed out on A3 paper was the design for our new website. It was bold, it was ballsy and from what everyone else was telling me (the content marketer possibly with the most sugar in her coffee), it was going to be as slick as websites come in terms of features and flow.

I must admit, I was skeptical of how the jumping arrows, falling lists and page segues would pan out, with only a static A3 sheet for reference. This was possibly due to the fact that while I can be imaginative with words in Times New Roman, and critique user experience like it’s a sport when I’m on a bad website, my understanding of web development without the real deal in front of me remains somewhat… underdeveloped. However, as it turns out, my Times-New-Roman-based mind was indeed underestimating the creative capacities of our designers and developers. As Darth Vadar had only recently initiated me into the Publica team, I quickly learnt my first lesson about the agency: when someone throws the saying ‘anything’s possible’ out there, it’s not a drill. While they may not be able make humans fly or grow gills to breathe underwater, in terms of web development and design, Publica will find a way to do pretty much anything. Our website was to be no exception.

For a week I watched the website design come to life, one element at a time, each new feature as impressive as the one that preceded it. Now the website is live, I can’t even begin to explain the pride I feel for being part of such an incredibly talented team. The website stretches beyond multi-platform functionality and aesthetics. It’s engaging, enticing and completely befitting of our creative agency. Moreover, it shows what Publica can do in terms of creativity, design and development in a seamless fashion. I really do tip my hat to all of the developers, designers and spellcheckers who helped the website come to life. It was well and truly worth every minute of blood, sweat, tears and coffee drinking.

We hope you love our new site as much as we do. Have a dig around and check out the website design features. You’re sure to be impressed.

Words By: Sophie Miller 

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