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What is it like to work in a creative agency?

There are a few misconceptions about what agency life is like.


Of course we’d love to say “just think Mad Men and you have us” but honestly our Account Director is the only one that comes close to that level of glamour, and she doesn’t smoke or wear stilettos.  Probably the last time our Creative Director wore a suit he wasn’t old enough to vote and there is no way we would be that rude to our clients.


That said, we don’t all skateboard to work, shop at Urban Outfitters and eat only ethically sourced food.  Our meetings aren’t always about how we can make the world a better place if we could just get people to stop using ‘Comic Sans’ and sometimes one of us will actually take notes with pen and paper.


Wasn’t it Albert Einstein* who said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”?  Therefore, the definition of a creative agency is a group of really clever people getting paid to have fun.  Ah if wishing made it so…

*it totally was, I checked


At the moment, super cool design agency Sagmeister & Walsh are running live footage from their NYC office on their home page and we have crushed on them a little bit for doing this, because it’s crazy how addictive being a fly on their wall is.  And yet, it does show the rather dull truth that a design studio, even an award winning, internationally renowned one, is just an open office like any other, with people sitting at desks, typing and looking at their screens.


But we don’t want to upset you and dispel the myth completely.  Working in a design studio is cool.  Don Draper said, “Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.”  You could say then that we spend our days in the pursuit of happiness.  We genuinely do, because we believe there is joy in a website that turns a casual browser into a customer.  A logo can be a thing of beauty.  Well-designed apps do actually save time and make life a little bit easier.


We’re not too cool that when a client’s brochure comes back from the printers a few of us will gather round to celebrate the gold emboss, because it makes us happy when we create something so pretty.


Point is, any company is cool when it’s full of people doing what they love.   We know, because every day we get to work with all sorts of companies, and it’s amazing what you learn when you create a marketing strategy for them or build their website or app.  We’re in awe of how many people St John help every year, and how much care and attention is put into the engineering and building of an office complex.  Asking us to create illustrations on a hospital wall to inspire young patients is a pretty cool thing to spend budget on, don’t you think?


If you would like to share your cool-ness with us and see what happiness we can create together, why don’t you get in touch?



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