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5 Reasons: Why Publica Should Do Your Copywriting

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Good old copywriting. It’s existed since the beginning of marketing – and yes, we’re talking way before Mad Men. But businesses continue to wrestle with doing it well. Why? Honestly… because it’s often the people that birthed the brand baby trying to do it.

It is with this in mind we give you…

5 Reasons Why Publica Should Do Your Copywriting

(and you shouldn’t)


Reason 1

Because no matter how hard you try to cut the umbilical cord between you and your brand – you will never quite be able to look at it from the outside in. Your appeal is your brand’s greatest asset and you need to understand what that appeal is from the other side of the window to write great copy.

Reason 2

Because while you might think your brand is provocative and engaging – the way you write about it could say otherwise. When you’re writing about your own brand it’s so easy to fall into the clichés provided by your business objectives. People don’t want to hear that ‘Apple has the best computers and a higher market share than Microsoft’ – they want to feel it, they want Apple to reek of it in every word they say and most importantly they want to believe it. It’s the difference between showing and telling. We have that down packed.

Reason 3

Because sometimes, the best ideas and meanings surrounding your brand story come from the people who didn’t craft the masterpiece. Remember at school when you would read Shakespeare and learn about the meaning behind it? Remember wondering if he even intended the depth of meaning being discussed or whether your over enthusiastic English teacher was reading waaaaay too far into it? Well, you might have questioned the meaning, but admit it, you still wrote it in your exam didn’t you. Your brand needs that over enthusiastic English teacher – because man, that teacher can sell.

Reason 4

Because there’s about a 9/10 chance you aren’t speaking in the same lingo as your customers…yo. There’s also a 9/10 chance your customers don’t understand your industry jargon. No one thinks you’re cool because of your acronym usage. Good copy speaks like an average everyday human and when you live and breathe your industry this can be easier said than done.

Reason 5

Because time is precious. Even though you can rant and rave about your brand day and night – you’ll certainly be familiar with the hours of scrutiny that come with trying to turn your networking banter into eloquent branded prose. Save yourself the time. Do copywriting with Publica.

Can you relate to these points? Get in touch with us today and book in a copywriting consultation.

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