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3 Reasons: To Download The Christchurch Stands Tall App

From The Studio



Three reasons to download the Christchurch Stands Tall app… so you can really make the most of this amazing talent showcase.


 1: It tells you where to find the giraffes.

Possibly the most useful feature of this app is that it tells you exactly where to find the giraffes around the city. When you visit a giraffe, open the app and it will mark it as ‘visited’. You can systematically catch them all like Pokémon. This feature provides a great way to race your friends and colleagues around the trail – so get your workplace and family on board!


2: There are rewards to be gained.

When you visit some giraffes, rewards will be unlocked and you can view these from the promos tab. Vouchers can be spent at anytime, just make sure you don’t hit the spend button before you redeem! Some giraffes also give you the opportunity to enter a competition for the chance to win a prize from a sponsor.


3: It’s free.

The app is completely free for iPhone and Android. Just search ‘Christchurch Stands Tall’ in the app store and hit download.





Publica & Christchurch Stands Tall

As creative sponsors of the Christchurch Stands Tall event, Publica was charged with the brief of creating a brand, collateral, website, app … and a giraffe (which you can find lurking in The Colombo) for the event.

Find out more about our giraffe here >>

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