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26 Apps in One Day

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According to an interesting analysis report by Nielson posted last year, 71% of global consumers own a Smartphone.  The Economist states that, “the average American is buried in one for over two hours every day”.  And what do you think they are doing on these Smartphones for all this time?  Well there is a good chance they are using an app.  Again, according to Nielson, the average Smartphone owner will use between 22 and 28 apps in a month.

Could this be true?  We thought we’d put it to the test and track an average day in the life of an app user who, as it happens, is the writer of this blog…

Woke up nice and early with the help of Sleep Genius this morning, and apparently I had lots of excellent quality sleep last night, which puts me in the mood for an early morning run.  Selected some banging tunes on Spotify, and covered a very respectful 8km in less than half an hour, so Nike+ Running sent me congratulations via Tiger Woods.

As I jumped out of the shower Calendar reminded me Child #1 has sports today and according to Weather there are clear blue skies all day so rush to pack some trainers in her bag.

Felt just a little smidge of smugness as I entered my run into MyFitnessPal and earned an extra 1,765 kilojoules on todays total.  Promptly skipped onto Nigella’s Quick Collection to find a good recipe for chocolate brownies to reward myself later and added chocolate to my Reminders list for the supermarket.

Whilst drinking my even smugger fruit smoothie I read John Maxwell’s inspiring Tweet for the day, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Pablo Picasso.  Yikes I really must make sure I bake those brownies today!

Dropped the children off at school and enjoying the now quiet car I check Mail before I set off.  Returned home and whilst the kettle boils, I check in on my cats on Neko Atsume.  Finally Tubbs has arrived, I knew that fish would get a good one.

As coffee brews I nip onto BNZ Mobile and pay the electricity bill and notice a note from mum on Messenger that she is forgetting what her grandchildren look like, explain they are at school and I have work to do, will send something later.

Whilst researching into a blog about apps, I use my trusty Oxford Dictionaries to find out if it is spelt with a capital ‘A’.  It is not.  Do a quick Google Search and find out that when Apple launched its App Store in 2008 there were only 500 apps on offer.  By 2014 there were over 1 million, although 70% of total app usage is on only 200 apps.

I’ve got my dentist appointment so quick bite to eat, punch in the address on Maps and I am away.  Whilst waiting for the nice, rubber-gloved man to peer into my mouth I calm myself with the lovely Zeni Colouring Book For Adults.  Thankfully, no fillings needed.

Kate texts with a suggestion for a film tonight at the Academy Gold Cinema, so whilst waiting for the school bell I check out the trailer on IMDB, confirm I’m happy to see it and suggest I book us a Gold Band Taxi so we can both enjoy a glass of wine.

On the way to picking up Child #2 from pre-school I “treat” Child #1 to using Timestables for Kids on my phone.  Take both to a can’t-be-missed work meeting and get model behavior care of Netflix, again on the iPhone.

During dinner I remember mum’s subtle hint and take a photo with Instagram of the children, use a nice filter and post it on Facebook.  Tag mum so there is no chance she’ll miss it.

In the taxi on the way to the cinema I show Kate the Adele Carpool Karaoke on YouTube, can’t believe she hasn’t seen it.  Put the phone on silent in the cinema and had to use Find iPhone the next morning because I’d forgotten where I’d put it – unbelievable!

That’s 26 apps in one day folks!

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