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10 MORE Cool Tricks GOOGLE Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

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10 MORE Cool Tricks That Google Can Do blog

10 MORE Cool Tricks GOOGLE Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

Last week we posted 10 Cool Tricks Google Can Do That You Didn’t Know… here are 10 more!

1. Set a timer for however long you need to.

Set a time in Google

2. Need help deciding what to have for dinner? How about a little comparison…

Spagetti vs Pizza in Google

3. Find out exactly what time sunrise is anywhere you are.

Sunrise times in Google

4. And find out what the weather forecast is for anywhere by searching for the name of a place and adding “forecast” at the end.

Forecasts on Google

5. If you’re looking for content on a specific website, you can search “” (for example) and only pages from Publica’s website will show up in the search. (Add a key word after that like “gorilla” and it’ll only show up pages featuring that word.)

Search sites in Google

6. Check your flight status.

Flight details in Google

7. Find out when your favourite tv shows are being aired. (Ps. Who else is excited about the next season of Vikings starting soon?!)

Vikings episodes Google search

8. Want to know where else an image appears on the internet? Drag the image into the search box and find out…

Searching images in Google

9. Play a game with Google. Type in “zerg rush”…Google Zerg Rush

10. And here’s another one for free… Need a break from work for a bit? How about building something with Lego at your desk… Visit

Build with Chrome LEGO game

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