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10 Cool Tricks GOOGLE Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

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10 Cool Tricks That Google Can Do

10 Cool Tricks GOOGLE Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

We all know that Google’s pretty cool. But it’s probably even cooler than you thought. Here are 10 cool tricks that Google can do, and may even make your life a little easier (or at least give you a smile).

1. Search “do a barrel roll”, and the page will do a 360° spin.

Google Do A Barrell Roll | Cool Google Tricks

2. Search “askew”, and your page will go a little… askew!

Type "askew" into Google | Google Tricks

3. Search “define anagram” or “anagram” and see Google’s personality shine.

Define anagram in GoogleType anagram into Google

4. Trying to figure out how much to tip? Search “calculate tip” to bring up a handy tip calculator.

Calculate tips in Google | Google tricks

5. If you’re interested in finding out other books by one of your favourite authors, for example John Grisham, type “books by John Grisham” and Google will bring up all of his books.

Books by John Grisham in Google  | Cool Google Tricks

6. And the same for “songs by…”

Cool Google Tricks | Songs by Taylor Swift in Google

7. Google Translate has a manual drawing feature that allows you to draw characters and symbols.

Cool Tricks in Google | Google Translate Manual Draw

8. “Solve circle/triangle/rectangle…” helps you solve Geometry problems. (How much easier is it to cheat on your homework these days?!)

Cool tricks to do in Google | Solve a circle in Google

9. Search “Google in 1998” for a retro version of the search engine.

Cool Google tricks | Google in 1998

10. “Covert currency” will give you a currency converter, to help you figure how much you really just spent on your online shopping.

Cool tricks in Google | Convert currency in Google

Ps. (Keep an eye out for part II!)

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